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Beach holidays and pool parties give you such a high – the mere feeling of going on one is exciting. And, let’s face it, the trip is going to be all about the sun, bikinis, and the tan lines! So, make it right. Designing swimwear is an art in itself, because it needs to be functional, and hold everything at its right place, hide little crevices, and create a beautiful silhouette. Some brands specialize in this, and are best at what they do. Let’s look at the 20 best swimwear brands out there today.

20 Best Swimwear Brands In The World

1. Hoaka Swimwear

Elisabeth Rioux started her swimwear brand ‘Hoaka Swimwear’ when she was just 20 years, and it has been a success from its very inception. The Instagram model turned entrepreneur wanted to bridge the gap in the swimwear segment and make bikinis that are sturdy, durable, and invariably cute – which is what a bikini should be. You will see some attractive geometric designs, and real-time women posing with Hoaka Swimwear, which makes it easy for us to shop. It ships across the globe, which is the best part, so go and check them out.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

2. To Dive For

To Dive For is a British-based brand that ships around the world. It is into designing luxury swimwear for swimming and diving. From off-shoulders and one-shoulders to functional dive clothing, it is inspired by ‘Ocean Adventures’, and is making swimwear elegant, stylish, and comfortable too.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

3. Kopper And Zinc

Sally Burgess, an Australian designer, started this label to quench her never-ending desire to combine a beach lifestyle with instinctual fashion. Its designs are all strappy, edgy, and bold silhouettes that enhance the female figure while being fluid and fashionable.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

4. Khassani Swimwear

Mathilde and Pauline started Khassani Swimwear for the love of traveling, water, and beaches. Its collection is all about minimalistic designs, subtle colors, and a mix of both. Little details make a huge difference to your outfit and silhouette; its designs prove just that. If you are looking for exciting bikinis for your next vacation, check them out.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

5. Love Stories Swimwear

Love Stories is a Dutch brand started by Marloes Hoedeman that offers intimate clothing. Blending colors, fabrics, and cuts to create luxurious, soft, and smooth intimates is not something we see every day. And, then it started its own swimwear, taking beach wear to the next level. Check its online store, or walk into a retail outlet – it is present in 28 countries, chances are it is in yours too.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

6. Alix Swimwear

Alix NYC believes in understated elegance while being edgy, and this comes across vividly in its collections. Alix first launched its collection in 2014 to make luxury basics with fabrics like silk, jersey, etc. It truly understands a woman’s needs and acknowledges that it needs attention to detail in making outfits that fit, sit, and feel.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

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7. Moiess Swimwear

Jessica Mercedes, a Polish influencer and blogger stumbled upon this idea while scouting for that perfect bikini that is made to fit to match women’s bodies in a way that it’s practical yet alluring. So, in the quest for that one bikini that defined her the most, she started Moiess Swimwear. Jessica practically designs, nurtures, and builds the collection to make swimsuits that fit and flatter in the most real sense.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

8. Sea Folly

‘Peters Folly’ is an Australian swimwear company started by Peter and Yvonne in 1975 and later rebranded as ‘Sea Folly’, became a big name in Australia in no time. Its designs were a big hit from its inception and received awards for being the ‘Best Swimwear’. Sea Folly branched out in Australia, and eventually opened stores in the US and Singapore too.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

9. B Fyne Swimwear

‘B Fyne’ is quite a unique story and a brand, and started by a Nigerian-American woman Buki Ade. She started B Fyne when she realized that there was a lack of representation of African women in the truest sense. She believes in women celebrating their bodies, flaunting their curves, and being themselves – unapologetically and confidently. B Fyne’s designs are all of that and more – they are bold, eccentric, and flattering.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

10. White Fox Swimwear

White Fox is a Sydney-based swimwear bran that has a loyal customer base for its swimwear, and otherwise too. Its collections are all about making simple cuts and plain colors look impeccably stylish, comfortable, and affordable. It caters to women of all body types, too.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

11. Calzedonia Swimwear

Calzedonia is an Italian company that started in 1987, making lingerie and swimsuits for men, women, and kids. With a unique ‘verticalized’ business model, its idea was to build a franchise sales network and expand the business in this format. In less than twenty years it caught on like wildfire in all of Europe and other countries too. Its strength lies in its products and how it manages to meet the sensibilities of women from so many cultures with its dynamic approach.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

12. Oseree Swimwear

Ose(ree) roughly translates to ‘to dare’ in French. It was started by Isabella and Janine, who turned their dream into reality with this swimwear brand, making suits that are incredibly sensual yet sophisticated. With soft fabrics like silk, satin, etc., its swimsuits are quite exquisite, unique, and rich in details. Oseree is an Italian brand in the realest sense – with modern aesthetics, high quality work, and new designs.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

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13. Heidi Klein Swimwear

Heidi Gosman and Penny Klein started Heidi Klein – a luxury boutique in Notting Hill, in 2002 as a one-stop shop for swimwear. The idea was to reinvent swimsuits in a way that matches the sensibilities of women but with newer fabrics, designs, cuts, and patterns. It grew as a luxury boutique across the world offering exclusive styling solutions to many loyal customers, and celebrities like Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, etc. It’s secret is that it listens to it’s customers, and with a motto like that, it is unstoppable.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

14. L Space Swimwear

L Space is a California-based lifestyle brand with the motto Love, Laugh, Lounge and Live, for the love of water and beaches. Its designs are incredibly chic, stylish and smart without being complicated. It also makes apparel, accessories, and everything you need for your next beach vacation.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

15. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a California-based company that makes products with a unique approach to luxury beachwear, making clothes from recycled nylon, which is also its most sought after collections. It believes that sustainability is sexy and goes on to prove that too. Amahila Stevns, the founder, is also the brains behind the famous: LBB – Little Black Bikini.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

16. The Reformation

Reformation is a California-based clothing company with sustainability at its core. It looks at clothes that match the current sensibilities of women and incorporates designs that are in tandem. All its products are sustainable end-to-end, and it continues to push limits to keep up, innovate, and find new ways to create products that are environmentally-friendly.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

17. J Crew

J.Crew is an American apparel company, known for making designer clothes at affordable prices. It launched its swimwear in 1989, and growing with this line along with the company. J.Crew designs are all about stripes, polka dots, vivid colors, and a lot of pinks, so if any of this describes your taste and you are a fan of J.Crew anyway, try its swimwear collection.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

18. Solid And Striped

Isaac Ross, the founder of Solid And Striped, got excited about making a pair of swimming trunks for men, then went on to sell that one pair successfully. Due to his passion and vision, Solid And Striped grew through organic marketing. From there, the company grew leaps and bounds and went on to manufacture women’s swimsuits, which was also an instant hit. From that to being on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, there’s no stopping the brand.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

19. Venus Swimwear

Daryle Scott started Venus Body Wear in 1984, making athleisure wear for women and started the swimwear category after about a year. It began with the idea and ideology to celebrate women, their curves, and their uniqueness, and catering to everyone with utmost care. It is known for its mix and match options, amongst many other things.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

 20. Stanlice Swimwear

Stanlice Swimwear is where high street fashion meets swimsuits. It caters to all body types, ages, and personal style preferences. Best part, it ships all across the globe and is turning into a hot favorite.

Check Out Its Collection Here: 

Bikinis are like tattoos; one is never enough and the more, the merrier. It just doesn’t matter what size or body type we are, all we need is a little confidence, a lot of self-love, and the right bikini. What are your favorite among these best swimwear brands? Let us know by dropping in a text in the comment section below.

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20 Best Swimwear Brands In The World
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