How to Charm a Girl

Three Parts:

You want to be her Prince Charming, her Knight in Shining Armor, but how exactly do you sweep this girl off her feet? It's not as hard as it seems. With some simple tricks and techniques, you can be charming girls in a way that shows her respect and maintains your dignity. Just get started with Step 1 below.


Looking Great

  1. Show that you respect yourself.Self respect, whether we realize it or not, is one of the first things we look for when seeking out healthy relationships. You show your self respect in how you take care of and present your body. Bathe regularly, use deodorant, and generally do things like wearing clean, unwrinkled clothes. You should also exercise to keep your body strong and healthy.
    • You should also show your self respect in your actions. Don't talk down about yourself and speak up for yourself when you're with other people.
  2. Dress to flatter your body.No matter what you've got to start off with, you can make your body look even better by carefully curating what you wear. Wear clothes that fit, first of all: they shouldn't be too tight or too big. You also want them to accentuate good features and play down bad ones. Get those pants back on your butt, she wants to see your drawers later, not now. Next, figure out what colors look good on you. Depending on your mixture of hair and skin colors, as well as minor factors like eye color, different colors will look better or worse on you.
    • For example, wear pants with vertical pinstripes, because they'll make you look taller and thinner.
    • For choosing colors, you generally want to create contrast. If you have light skin, then darker colors will look better on you (just don't wear all black all the time). If you have dark skin, then light or brighter colors will look better on you.
  3. Check your face care routine.You don't have to have the best bone structure in the world in order to look like her Prince Charming; just a little facial care can do the trick! Make sure you're shaving correctly in order to fight shaving bumps and cuts. Do some basic maintenance by plucking wayward eyebrow hairs. You should also moisturize your skin, no matter how girly it seems. Moisturizing will make you look healthier, which naturally makes you more attractive.
    • Don't forget to fight acne, if you have it. A good cleaning regimen is often all you need to significantly reduce the acne problem that you have, but medicinal help is also available.
    • Try using makeup! We know, we know, but hear us out: makeup is designed to make your skin look better and healthier. It covers up all the problems with your skin. You don't have to do too much either. Using a wrinkle filler will make your skin look smooth, covering acne scars and large pores. Go over the top of that with a foundation gel stick and you'll be able to create a healthy look with little effort.
  4. Find your best smile.Spend some time in front of the mirror and practice your smile. You may find that your natural smile might be a bit off-putting. Try smiling in different ways until you find one that looks better. Some people look better with a closed mouth smile, some look better with one row of teeth, some look better with all teeth bared. It just depends on your face.

Being Her Prince Charming

  1. Pick up or show off a talent.Talent is very charming. Not every talent will impress every girl, but no matter what talent you have it's bound to charm at least one girl. You can develop and show off a talent you already have, or you can pick up a new one.
    • Good talents to pick up include playing the piano or guitar, drawing, or dancing.
    • You can find excellent primers on many of these talents right here on wikiHow!
  2. Embrace life.An absolute passion for life and an enjoyment of what you have tends to charm the socks off most girls. Be positive and focus on all of the great things that you have. Pursue the things that you want to have in your life. And never hide how happy you are when you are enjoying something that matters to you.
    • You should also show some ambition. Want things for your life. Want more than what you have and work for it, while still appreciating what you do have. She'll like this quality in you.
  3. Encourage her to dream.Girls want to be with someone who encourages them and makes them feel more hopeful about what they can do and what they can have. We all do, right? When she clearly enjoys something, encourage her to pursue it or do it more. When she mentions a dream she has for the future, encourage her and help her to pursue it!
    • Sometimes, this might mean helping her with homework or at least keeping her company (and focused!) while she studies.
    • Never judge her dreams or make her feel like they're small or worthless. This is the opposite of charming!
  4. Let her see how much you care.Girls like to see how much you care. Being guarded with your feelings may help keep your mates from teasing you, but it mostly just makes girls feel like you don't really like them. When you show her how much you care, especially in front of your mates and other women, she'll be totally smitten.
  5. Focus on her.Look at her eyes when you talk to her. Say her name in conversations, both with her and with others. Be loyal and don't worry about attracting other girls by being flirty or dressing to the 9s. Keeping your focus 100% on her tells her that your feelings are true.
    • Make comments to the effect of "I'm not interested in attracting any more girls. I have you". This shows that you're really just interested in her.
  6. Never assume your entitlement.Never assume that you are entitled to her affection, even if you're dating her. When girls feel like they have to give you their affection, like it's an obligation, then the whole thing quickly loses its romance. Work every day to earn her love and before you know it, you will.
  7. Be kind to everyone, but especially her.Being kind to her is obvious, right? Of course you want to be nice to her if you want to charm her. But you should also be nice to others as well. When you're mean to other people or talk about them behind their back, she'll start to wonder if you do the same to her or how long it will be until you turn on her. That isn't very charming!
    • Be friendly with people who struggle socially. One good way to show how kind you are to others is to be friendly and social with those who aren't good at making friends. This is especially effective if you're popular.
    • Be nice to people who are usually harassed, like homeless people, waiters, or door-to-door salesmen. When you're kind to the people that almost everyone is rude to, that sends a real message.

Sweeping Her Off Her Feet

  1. Make her a present by hand.A handmade gift shows her that you care and are willing to take time and effort to do something that you might not be very good at. You'll find loads of ideas online for gifts you can make by hand. Try browsing the wikiHow craft category or try Pinterest to get some inspiration. Otherwise, you can try:
    • Making her a necklace. Make her a necklace using a shell from your trip to the beach or find another pendant that reminds you of happy times that you've had together.
    • Making her a custom journal. Use ticket stubs, receipts, and other items from dates you've got on and other things you've done together and using a flat glue like Modge Podge, attach them to the cover of a journal. If you think she wouldn't use a journal, you can also get a plain keepsake box from a craft store and decorate that instead.
    • Making her a mix CD. For those with absolutely terrible craft skills, you can make her a mix CD that chronicles your experience of the relationship through songs.
  2. Sing her a song.Even if you don't posses the singing prowess of Michael Jackson, singing her a love song that means something to you (or both of you) will totally charm her. If you're a good singer it will totally play on all her Disney princess childhood dreams. If you're an okay-to-bad singer, it will show that you don't care how bad you look, you just want to show her how much she means to you. It's a win win.
    • Try singing her "Unchained Melody". This is an easy song and is fairly easy to pull off for even the most untalented singers.
  3. Do something nice for a family member that means the world to her.Whether it's her lonely grandma or her favorite sister, going out of your way to make the day of someone that's very important to her will really make her happy. You can try making and having a nice meal with her grandmother or help her dad clean up the backyard, for example.
  4. Leave love notes for her everywhere.Write little love messages on Post-It notes and leave them everywhere, hiding them wherever she goes frequently. You can even hide them in locations that she might not find for a while. You can put the messages in her drawers, books, purse, on her cellphone, in the kitchen cabinets, under her pillow, and in any other location you can think of.
    • Write things like "I love kissing your forehead when you come home", "My favorite time of day is waking up to you", "Being your knight in shining armor is my greatest honor".
  5. Go above and beyond when she's had a bad day.When she's having a really tough time, such as if something went really wrong at work or she lost someone important to her, start by taking all of the pressure off of her. Do all the cleaning, cooking, and other stressful activities for a day or two until she can recover.If you want to be super sweet, when you are sick, sneeze on her. I know, it sounds gross. However, when she gets sick, it would be a good time to give her a spa treatment. She'll think it's adorable. At the same time, do what you can to help her see that there are good things in life too. You don't want to diminish the situation by trying to joke or distract her, but you should offer her the option in case she wants it.
    • For example, make and give her a coupon for a free movie date with you.
  6. Have her challenge you.Ask her throw down a challenge so that you can prove how much you love her. Have her challenge you to run 5 laps around the park or do 50 push ups. She might even take the opportunity to up the ante and ask you to fix something that's really been bothering her, like quitting smoking. Taking on the small challenges will bring a smile to her face and charm her, but taking on the big challenges will really prove how much you care. Just be aware that once she throws it down, you're going to have to follow through!
  7. Have a girls' night.It's fun for her to hang out with her girls but sometimes it can be extra special if she gets to do those same activities with the one she loves! Watch those girly movies that make her so happy, go together to get pedicures, and eat a tub of ice cream while she vents about her bestie. She'll be blown away that you're willing to set aside norms to have a good time with her.

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  • Always support her.
  • Always be yourself.
  • Always keep her feelings into consideration.
  • Try not to date someone you just met because she might be the wrong girl to date.


  • Don't go over the top — a girl can tell when you're being desperate.

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