Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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Jason Markk Jason Markk

Here at Insider Picks, we write about a lot of really amazing footwear — from the to dress shoes comfortable enough to run from wild bulls in, and everything in between.

While we do our very best to feature products with great value and long-lasting quality, they will inevitably reach a point where they don't look their best. After all, shoes are meant to be worn, so dirt, stains, and scuffs are bound to find a place on your shoes.

Instead of tossing them in the garbage or only wearing them as beaters, you can bring your shoes back to life with the right products. In the long run, you'll save money on having to replace your shoes and you'll look fresh in the process.

I owna lotof shoes (over 100 pairs) with everything from 20-plus-year-old Air Jordans to luxurious Italian-made dress shoes in my collection, so I've tried a good amount of products over the years. These are my personal favorites for cleaning and maintaining the life of my shoes.

Whether you're a stickler for immaculately clean shoes like myself or a normal person hoping to reverse that atrocious stain you just got on your brand new sneakers, you'll find the products you need right here.

Check them out, below:

Jason Markk

Foot Locker

Founded in 2007, Jason Markk was the first brand to create a cleaning product specifically for sneaker collectors. Unlike household cleaning products that are full of harsh chemicals, Jason Markk uses natural ingredients that are tough on stains but easy on your sneakers. The travel kit includes the cleaning solution, a 2 oz. premium shoe cleaner, mini premium brush, a microfiber towel, and three quick wipes.

Shop all Jason Markk products on Amazon here.

Crep Protect




Cole Haan Mini Deluxe Travel Kit

Cole Haan

UGG Care Kit


Although you can use other products to clean your UGGs and other sheepskin or delicate suede shoes, the UGG Care Kit is definitely the safest way to do it. The Kit includes a rain and stain protector, a cleaner and conditioner, a shoe renew spray, a suede scuff eraser, and a brush. Compared to harder cleaning brushes that can scrape away suede, the soft bristles protect the materials from being damaged.

Timberland Dry Cleaning Kit


Timberland Dry Cleaning Kit,

Not all cleaning methods require soap and water to get rid of stains, especially if it's a suede or Nubuck material. The Timberland Dry Cleaning kit includes an eraser and brush to work away away scuffs and stains without having to get the materials wet. You'll find it to be very useful on all Timberland boots — and any other suede or Nubuck shoe.

Venetian Imperial Leather Balm


Venetian Imperial Leather Balm, .99, available on Amazon

Over time, leather materials start to look worn out and tired, even if they aren't exactly dirty. Venetian Imperial Leather Balm is a great way to put new life into your leather without caking on the shoe polish. Think of it as long-lasting lotion for your shoes. Although there are a variety of colors to match your leathers available, but the neutral color is my favorite. It's good on any color leather you own and it won't stain any of the shoes' stitching.

Video: 20+ Surprising Cleaning Hacks using the Magic Eraser!

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