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At 16:57, Aug 21, 2019


Hey there animal reader,

I saw your concern on the Help Team page. Gosh, that's never fun. I'm afraid it had something to do with your network or computer crashing because wikiHow does not typically have error messages as such. In the future, can you please take a screenshot on what's on your end and make a bug report on it on the forums? That can help a lot.

As for your article, perhaps it's in your drafts? Go toMy Profileand clickMy Drafts. I hope you can find your article there. If you do find it there, try to publish it again. I apologize for the inconvenience in the mean time.

Best of luck,

() 16:57, 21 August 2019 (GMT)

At 23:28, Sep 07, 2019


At 20:36, Oct 04, 2019


Hah, well, I guess what's obvious to one person can be new info to someone else, so I'm sure it helped none-the-less :)

I saw you'd commented or helped on a few different pet articles - what pets do you have at home?

At 04:23, Oct 08, 2019


Wow, you must be! What's your favorite out of all your pets?

At 21:04, Oct 09, 2019


Hah fair enough! No playing favorites :)

Our wikiHow:Editing Basics covers the ins and outs of format. But it's pretty simple once you get the hang of it. For example, italics and bolding are done with the apostrophe button - ''test'' makestestand '''test''' makestest.

Take a look over that page and let me know if you have more questions about anything you read there!

At 15:27, Oct 10, 2019


Typically, we don't include extra line breaks within a step. Instead, we use #* for bulletpoints - that just spaces things out pretty well and keeps it organized as steps/substeps. However, there are a few exceptional cases out there where you might need linebreaks - in that case, you'd use the HTML notation of <br> for an extra line :)

No problem at all on the question - happy to help! Does it make sense now? If you want to show me an article where you were planning on using it, I'd be happy to edit directly and show you how it's done, for future.

At 15:54, Oct 11, 2019


No problem at all - seriously, any time you have questions, happy to help :)

At 15:58, Oct 11, 2019


That should do it, yep - but if you want I can look at the page and show you if there's a better way to format it, since we often try to avoid using the linebreaks. What are you working on?

At 20:35, Oct 11, 2019


Ah I see - well, in general I don't think we'd include big paragraphs from any existing works in articles here? But maybe I'm misunderstanding your context. What's the topic?

At 14:56, Oct 13, 2019


Try searching for your topic in the search bar at the top of the screen. If we have that article, or one with a similar title, you should find it there.

At 15:51, Oct 13, 2019


Ah, we have a lot in common- nice! I'm an English Breakfast tea kind of gal, and my favorite Doctor is probably Matt Smith, and I love Amy & Rory but have a soft spot for Rose, too. How about you?

Looks like Chris offered some good help for the searching! It looks like we do have an article on that: Speak Confidently in Public :)

At 14:44, Oct 14, 2019


Hah, your sister's friend Lance should be him for Halloween then, for sure :)

Can't say I've heard of Jungle Fire tea! I'll have to keep an eye open for that one. And I'm with you on disliking flavors like gummy bear - too sweet is no good in my mind.

At 17:47, Oct 14, 2019


Ahh might be a bit intense for me, then!

What do you think of the articles in our ? Any of those catch your eye to work on or improve?

At 22:01, Oct 14, 2019


Hahhha yes, that's fair! I add milk to mine, though - English ;)

At 22:24, Oct 14, 2019


At 22:30, Oct 14, 2019


Yep, being the community manager here is my job, so I get paid for that. But I'll admit I get pulled into editing outside of my work hours/role, too - I guess you'd just consider that the side stuff for fun :)

At 22:35, Oct 14, 2019


Thanks! Hope you are, too!

At 23:12, Oct 14, 2019


At 23:31, Oct 14, 2019


No prob!

At 16:17, Oct 17, 2019


I'm glad you got back in! Oh, and for the images, just publish your guide first and then add images when you're done with that part :)

At 20:00, Oct 17, 2019


No prob!

At 16:24, Oct 18, 2019


Yep :)

At 20:47, Oct 21, 2019


At 16:01, Oct 24, 2019


Hah, hope it helped. And hope you had a good weekend? Happy Monday!

At 16:51, Oct 24, 2019


Hey, please avoid testing on someone's Talk page; this creates a lot more work for patrollers. Try out the Sandbox instead. Thanks :)

At 16:57, Oct 24, 2019


No worries. Also, you can always hit Preview instead of Post. Hitting Preview doesn't publish anything.

At 17:01, Oct 24, 2019


Haha no worries - I don't mind but the Preview button would work for it, too :)

At 17:08, Oct 24, 2019


Hah, that made my Monday!

At 19:31, Oct 25, 2019


We don't have any autocorrection on our site, so if you're getting that in some places, that's probably within your browser or device. Sounds handy!

At 15:26, Oct 26, 2019


There is room for a little humor, for sure, but articles that are total jokes are generally removed, so I'd shy away from writing something where the whole topic is the joke (instead of there just being humor in the steps). Check out our wikiHow:Deletion Policy on that and let me know if that helps?

At 16:09, Oct 26, 2019


Sorry - I'm not sitting on my talk page all day, so sometimes it takes some time for me to respond :)

I'm afraid that unless there is a draft that auto-saved into your Special:Drafts folder, I don't think there's any way to get it back. If you close a window, it's gone, just like any other web page. That's a bummer!!

At 20:16, Oct 26, 2019


No prob! We all get impatient sometimes - you'll probably just get less stressed out if you don't expect people to reply to talk messages right away, since there's often a gap.

Nice job with that answer on Clean-a-Guinea-Pig-Cage, by the way :)

At 20:56, Oct 26, 2019


Your name is displayed next to the answers you provide, and I try to look over new answers every week or so and say thanks to the folks who are submitting them. I'm not singling you out, though I do appreciate the hard work you've been doing there! :)

At 21:07, Oct 26, 2019


Hah, just didn't want you to feel like I was following you around here, since you asked how I knew :P

At 21:19, Oct 27, 2019


Well, I agree they could probably be a bit better, but then the whole article could probably use an edit. Maybe we hold off on new images until the whole thing gets a bit of editing love? Maybe you could post in the forums and see if anyone wants to chip in with fixing it up?

At 21:21, Oct 27, 2019


You can find them . I'll go ahead and remove the pictures so any editing can just be focused on improving the topic. I'd post in Collaboration Corner for something like that, if you're looking for help on it :)

At 21:30, Oct 27, 2019


Ok, no problem - I posted it here:  :)

At 22:59, Oct 27, 2019


Hey sorry that we got our wires crossed on that! I ended up removing my post and just commenting on yours instead :)

At 18:02, Oct 28, 2019


At 18:37, Oct 28, 2019


Cool - thanks for posting about it! It's looking better already!

At 16:13, Oct 29, 2019


I'm glad that one looks good! But no, we wouldn't want to delete the first just because the second one is good; they aren't duplicate topics, per our wikiHow:Merge Policy. And even the one we're looking to improve gets quite a lot of readers and they rate it as overall pretty helpful, so it's not in too bad shape :)

At 21:18, Nov 01, 2019


At 23:22, Nov 01, 2019


Looks like it worked, eh? :)

At 23:25, Nov 01, 2019


No worries - I'd just ignore it!

At 23:30, Nov 01, 2019


Hah, I hope you feel better than that, really! :)

At 16:17, Nov 02, 2019


If your article gets published without any templates on it, you'll get notified, yep. We don't have notifications for questions just yet, but if you want notifications for edits on any given article (remember, it's not really "your" article - all works are collaborative here, so people will edit on them, but every edit gets checked over by another editor and the unhelpful ones are generally undone), you can add them to your watchlist using the steps in How to Use Your wikiHow Watchlist Page.

I'll respond when I'm able to - if I haven't yet, just please be patient :)

At 21:02, Nov 02, 2019


That happens sometimes - I think it's just a glitch of some kind, not anything in particular you did. If you copy all the text, click "Switch to advanced editor" and paste it in there, you should be able to publish from there.

At 03:03, Nov 03, 2019


Hey there - I saw your message to Anna about the deletion thing. I know you worked it out, but just so you know, just because everyone voted to delete apreviousversion of the article doesn't mean that yournewrevision will be deleted, too. On a topic like this, you're fine to republish it with good content. :)

That being said, some articles are deleted due to being violations of our Deletion Policy. If the topic is in an area that you think might violate our policies, but you're not sure, feel free to pop a note to an admin or New Article Booster and they can let you know whether or not it's appropriate. I hope that helps some!

At 15:32, Nov 03, 2019


As Alex said, that previous version was probably deleted for some other reason, like maybe incompleteness or inaccuracy.

With a DIY project like that, when possible, I think it really helps if you've done it and have written down accurate steps as you went, and perhaps also done some outside research to provide sources and so on. Have you given this approach a go? Some pictures of the result could be really helpful, if you have!

At 21:49, Nov 03, 2019


Those screenshots are from the Guided Editor, and you're probably in the Advanced one :)

At 04:38, Nov 04, 2019


Hey hey, I saw your Help Team note. When you were editing, were you in an article that contains multiple sections (i.e. subsections under Steps)? If that's the case, you can't switch to Guided Editor on there - article subsections aren't supported in it. You can still upload photos via Advanced Editor, though - there's a button at the very end of the toolbar, it should look like a picture with a plus sign on it. You can upload images that way :)

I hope that helps some? Let me know if you're still confused! I'd be happy to clarify.

At 16:38, Nov 06, 2019


You can always take your own pictures, or ask to create some by following the steps listed in  :)

At 16:39, Nov 07, 2019


I saw your Wikivisual talk page note. We can put in a request for visuals for you once the article is fully promoted live :)

At 21:55, Nov 07, 2019


I can ask about a vet review there but honestly the topic seems less about the actual animals and more about construction, so I'm not sure she'd be best equipped to chime in on it. Maybe you could improve it by doing some research and using reputable sources to back up the information, instead?

At 18:35, Nov 08, 2019


Oh I mean with research sources. Check out How to  :)

At 18:51, Nov 08, 2019


At 22:17, Nov 08, 2019


You can do that here:  :)

At 17:49, Nov 09, 2019


I'm not totally sure what you mean - the steps don't seem unnecessarily repetitive to me?

At 20:43, Nov 09, 2019


But those aren't really parts; they're separate methods, so if different methods that you'd do one at a time have some overlapping steps, that's okay. Readers aren't expected to follow all of the methods at once; they generally would pick one. Different ways of doing things might still have similar steps in certain areas :)

At 20:50, Nov 09, 2019


Yes, but given that it's a methods article, we should only assume that a reader will follow one method at a time, so repetition between methods is okay. A step can be needed in each method, and in that case, you'd need to repeat it.

At 16:51, Nov 15, 2019


At 11:59, Nov 16, 2019


Sure! I've been super busy with school, so I might not get to it, but I'll try :D

At 16:45, Nov 16, 2019


Try copying all that text, then switching to Advanced Editor, and pasting it there. That usually does the trick when something goes funky!

At 22:46, Nov 16, 2019


Not exactly - look at the layout in the formatting guidelines. Things You'll Need goes towards the bottom, and we typically only include the kind of items you'd go out and buy there, not things like fingers, so I don't think that topic needs that section :)

At 19:08, Nov 19, 2019


Hah okay - no worries!

At 20:06, Dec 06, 2019


What about adding a method to the article, instead of doing a Q&A? Methods don't have a word limit so you should be good to go there :)

At 20:29, Dec 06, 2019


Okie doke - Yeah, I think the whole article could use a new approach, really. I've put it in the queue to maybe be redone by one of our wikiHaus editors - but if you want to redo any parts of it before then, go for it!

At 16:50, Dec 09, 2019


The tool sends an automatic message if the article is published, but not if it's put into Quality Review, because there isn't really one automated message that could cover all of the possible reasons for that. You can always check the history and see if a booster has reviewed it, though. Here, that happened on Nov 3 - and then you and I talked about the remaining issues, so I think you've had some feedback on it already, right? That's the boosting process at work, right there - those *are* the messages :)

At 16:58, Dec 09, 2019


Hey Anna can you read my message on your talk page.thanks very much😃😃

At 17:00, Dec 09, 2019


Well, you asked why you didn't get messages about the review process, but you did - you asked for feedback, and we talked about the article before.

At 17:00, Dec 09, 2019


Oh hey, can I ask you a favor? Please don't fill talk pages with things like a long line of periods - it messes up the formatting on my page :/

At 17:03, Dec 09, 2019


Cool - thanks!

At 04:25, Dec 21, 2019


Thanks for the nice message! No problem - I merged your first article into the duplicate topic, so it's cleaned up now.

On the other, I appreciate the edits! We'd only merge it if there's another topic that means the exact same thing, though (not just if there's overlap in the advice with other articles). Is there one you had in mind?

At 19:04, Dec 21, 2019


Well, per our wikiHow:Merge Policy, we'd only merge topics if they actually mean the same thing. We don't merge more specific to more general topics. If you want to add more specific information that focuses it on girls, though, you certainly can!

At 18:10, Dec 26, 2019


I'd be happy to add pictures. I'm really sorry I haven't gotten around to it. I'll try to get them in soon :D

At 01:49, May 14, 2019


No prob!

At 19:08, May 16, 2019

Hey, I Read Books. . . You are great! You gave me a reeeeeeeeeeeeally helpful answer to a question I had about guinea pigs a while ago, and I'd just like to get back to you and say thanks! Have you written any articles? If not you should! If so they should have been published a looooooooooooooong time ago! How are you doing today? Hope you have a great day, and once again, THANKS!!! Sincerely, Josie Kovach PS Could you help me set up an account? I don't know how! Thanks UR great!

At 22:47, Mar 09, 2019


Thanks for your edits on . Nice job!

At 23:43, Mar 09, 2019


Well, we already have an article about Pack Your Carry-on Bag, so the title can't be changed to that. Instead, I think we should try adding some content to match the title and is specific to teen girls.

Maybe we could write {{attention}} on the article to bring attention to this, or you could edit it yourself, if you're up to it. :)

And also, for the future, you can write {{title|The Title you suggest (don't include How To)}} on an article to let Boosters or admins know to look it over.

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