VanMoof Electrified S2 & X2 – Ride the future

When money is no object, it’s time to burn it in style. These are the week’s coolest material objects that will keep you ahead of the Jones’ and their snarky neighbour’s neighbour.

Dekantā Kikou Single Cask Whisky

Premium whisky maker Dekantā have unveiled their latest small batch of single cask Japanese whisky called Kikou. The stunning looking expression is a tribute to Masataka Taketsuru, the man considered the father of Japanese whisky. Accompanying that status is a whisky that has been finished in a cask from the Port Ellen distillery in Scotland. Given that the Port Ellen distillery ceased operation in 1983, the Kikou should make for a great collector’s item without the collector’s price tag. 


Alpen Bike Capsule

A nice bike deserves a nice home and that’s exactly what the Alpen Bike Capsule provides. The futuristic looking cocoon is designed to protect your bike from the elements in any outdoor setting. Besides looking like a space pod for your bike, the capsule is also pretty robust with waterproofing and UV resistance built in. The capsule itself bolts to the ground and comes with an integrated lock to prevent unwanted theft.  


Virgil Abloh x IKEA Shopper Docket Rug

The Off-White founder is at it again, this time teaming up with Swedish furniture giant IKEA for his latest collection launch. Whilst there’s a Frakta leather bag, chair and daybed, it’s the rug that will garner the most raised eyebrows. The IKEA x Virgil Abloh rug replicates an actual receipt down to the barcode, logo, highlighting and zig-zagged edges. The rug will be available for a limited time from 2019 so get those tents rolled out. 


D-Mask Smart Diving Mask Concept

Diving gear has rarely changed since the mid to late 1900s but Chinese design firm ZJ-DDG wants to change that. Their new D-Mask Smart Diving Mask Concept brings diving into the future with a face enclosure that features a full 180 degree seamless view. There’s even a digital heads-up display built in so that divers can check things like oxygen, temperature, depth and pressure. There’s even a guidance system designed to prevent underwater explorers from getting lost. But wait there’s even more. LED headlamps ensure that night time diving isn’t an issue whilst a built-in camera allows you to capture images under the sea. It’s a concept for now but the technology doesn’t seem that far off at all.


 Woolsey Wooden Ping Pong Table

Sean Woolsey is back and this time he’s taken his exacting craft to the humble ping pong table. Made of African mahogany or black walnut, the tables feature brass powder coating which elevates its status in the pool room with ease. Even the steel net is powder coated with wooden logo stamped in the middle. Remove the net and you’ve also got one hell of a sexy desk or dining table. 

BUY ,500

Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle

You have a bike capsule, now you have the bike. Vanmoof is the Dutch bicycle company which specialises in minimalist design and their latest release is an electric bike in the form of the X2 Series. The compact cruiser is made for the urban commute and features a 504Wh battery to allow for a range of up to 150km and a speed of 30km/h.

Video: VanMoof Electrified S2 & X2 – Ride the city

Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle
Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle images

2019 year
2019 year - Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle pictures

Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle advise
Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle recommendations photo

Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle photo
Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle pics

Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle new foto
Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle new pics

photo Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle
pics Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle

Watch Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle video
Watch Vanmoof Electrified X2 Bicycle video

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